About @BrakeThrough

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Iri Greco

Iri is co-owner of BrakeThrough Media with Jim Fryer. She is a former chef, food stylist, and TV Producer. She got hooked on filming cycling on Easter Sunday 2009 in the Arenberg forest. In her spare time, she has been spotted making her sister’s wedding cake in Puerto Rico, surfing in Mexico, cooking risotto on campfires in Calabria, snapping photos in her native Brooklyn, and plotting the transformation of mankind.

Jim Fryer

Jim is co-owner of BrakeThrough Media with Iri Greco. Jim is a former bike racer, bike shop owner, cycling apparel manufacturer, and sports marketing professional. Jim never thought he’d call himself a foodie until he met Iri. He loves riding bikes but he likes photographing cycling even more. In his spare time, he’s searching out the perfect beer.

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