Les Gaufres de Liége & Le Tour de Pain

At BrakeThrough Media, we spend a lot of time in Belgium. A. Lot. Somehow it became our Euro-home-away-from-home. Yes, We adore the quaint cobbled alleys of brocaded renaissance stone work. Jim has an inordinate love affair with Westmalle Dubbel. I relish the utter lack of pretense and the rugged warmth of the Belgian hospitality. But there is one drawback besides the weather. Ironically, it has some of the heaviest food in all of western Europe.

Wafels. Frites. Moules. Broodjes. Waterzooi. These are the stand outs. And this year Le Tour de France starts in Eastern Belgium, in French-speaking, red-white-and-blue waving, Liége. The main foodie attraction will no doubt be the Gaufres de Liége in it’s many forms. One such version even sparked a multi-lingual debate among several press photogs when they spotted my image of the light and crispy wafel on a stick being offered in the Villages Depart. I didn’t find out its veritable name. But get out yer grandmammie’s waffle iron and stir up some light crêpe batter, cook it on a stick and you’ll get the cats meowing all Sunday morning.

P.S. No matter how long you can abstain from gaufres, Le Tour is not the place to consider a gluten-free existence. The Publicity Caravan literally scatters sundry carbo-loads across the province – crusty bread, Madeleines, gaufres – I think you see where I am going with this. Try as you may, Le Tour de Pain will catch you!

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